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Author Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in Journal of Business Studies. Please note that any submission to JBS implies that the content has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere except as a brief abstract in the proceedings of a scientific meeting or symposium. Please prepare and finalize your submission in line with the following guidelines and submit online through
Once your submission is completed, the system may prompt you to use an ORCID iD (a unique author identifier) to help make your work distinct from that of other researchers. For help with submissions, please contact: We look forward to receiving your submission.


Please visit to login as an author or reviewer. If you are first time user, you can register yourself and open an account using the ‘Register as a New User’ option. Once your registration is completed, you can login and proceed with your submission or review.


JBS is a leading and peer-reviewed scholarly journal in the broad field of finance and banking. It aims to publish original contributions that add to the literature in finance, financial markets, and related governance issues. Please see the scope detail at:
Contributions are sought in five different categories and world limits apply accordingly.

  • Original articles – Empirical and theoretical original research article that address research questions using rigorous methods and produce findings that have significant implications to the financial services literature and the industry. Original articles should generally not exceed 10000 words excluding tables, references, and appendices.
  • Industry notes – Analytical insights on market and economic issues from relevant industry experts from across sub-sectors such as commercial banking, investment banking, brokers, asset managers, and so on. These pieces are expected to create a shared development of knowledge bridging between academia and industry. Industry notes should generally not exceed 5000 words excluding tables, references, and appendices.
  • Review article – Articles produced based on the review of existing literature that generate new dimensions to the existing findings and discussions or new findings from the existing literature. These articles are expected to shed new light to the existing literature and identify the knowledge gaps. Industry notes should generally not exceed 8000 words excluding tables, references, and appendices.
  • Book reviews – Reviews of well-known, preferably recent, books addressing any of the key scope areas of journal that are published by world renowned publishers. These pieces are expected to be critical in discussion evaluating the published works of other scholars and identifying the future areas of research. Book reviews should generally not exceed 4000 words excluding tables, references, and appendices.
  • Invited articles – Articles either Original, Industry or Review in nature are exclusively invited by the journal from renowned experts in relevant fields. No world limit applies to the Invited articles excluding tables, references, and appendices.


JFMG has adopted the ‘Your Paper Your Way’ policy in order to facilitate hassle-free and easy submissions of scholarly works. It means there is no mandatory requirement of applying any specific formatting style and supplying figures separately.
During the first submission, all authors submit their manuscripts as single a MS Word or PDF files, including all figures, figure legends, and references. Of course, all papers need to include the generic elements that are applicable to the particular article type; such as title, abstract, introduction, materials & methods, results, discussion (or results and discussion combined), references, and figures. Authors may use whichever layout, formatting, and referencing style that suits them best.
Only when your paper is at the revision stage and you are asked to submit a revision in response to reviews, you will be requested to transform your paper into the 'correct format' for acceptance and provide the items necessary for your article’s final publication.
Initial Submissions:
Upload your manuscript files all-inclusive of title page, main document, references, figures, and tables. Supplementary files can be uploaded separately. Documents should be prepared in MS Word or Latex and should be submitted in MS Word or PDF version.
In the submission system, for reviewing purposes, you should upload a single .pdf that you have generated from your source files. You must use the File Designation "Main Document" from the dropdown box. You can then upload the supplementary files using the “Supplementary Files” File Designation from the dropdown box.
Revised Submissions:
Original and Editable source files must be uploaded at this stage. Tables must be on separate pages after the reference list, and not be incorporated into the main text. Figures should be uploaded as separate figure files in JPEG or TIFF format.
For Latex users, in addition you must upload your TeX source files. For all your source files you must use the File Designation "Supplemental Material not for review".
During revision submission, previous versions of uploaded documents must be deleted. If your manuscript is accepted for publication we will use the files you upload to typeset your article within a totally digital workflow.


Parts of the Manuscript
For first submission, the manuscript should be submitted in separate files: (1) title page and (2) main text file including figures, tables, and references. The first title page should contain: the article title, author name, affiliation, contact details, any and acknowledgements pertaining to the work. The main document should contain title, abstract, keywords, JEL classifications, acknowledgement, declarations, and the main content of the article. The main content generally should include Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Analysis/Discussion or both together, references, and appendices. Supplementary files can be submitted separately in the submission system.
Upload both as separate documents, under file designation ‘Title Page’ and ‘Main Document’. The present address of any author, if different from where the work was carried out, should be supplied in a footnote.
For Revised Submissions, Title Page, Main Document, any editable Source Files (e.g., Figures, TeX source files), and References in correct formatting must be submitted so that we can fast process your work for publication.


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