Department of Accounting & IS

Profile of the Department The University of Dhaka, established in 1921, is the country's premier university of higher learning. Fully autonomous, it is an accredited, non-profit institution operating year-round and providing Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate education for meritorious students from all corners of Bangladesh and abroad. The university has approximately 1500 teaching staffs and 29,000 students enrolled in 53 Departments under 7 Faculties and 9 Institutes. Over the years, the university has built up a reputation for commendable academic excellence and contributed uniquely to the socio-economic political and cultural development of the region. Commerce was introduced as a separate area of discipline under the Faculty of Arts in the 1922-23 academic session. In 1970, the Faculty of Commerce was established elevating the Department of Commerce. Initially, the Faculty of Commerce started functioning with two departments – Accounting and Management.

Later on, two other departments, namely Finance and Marketing were set up with a view to prepare students with specialized knowledge for positions in government, business and academia. The Department of Accounting commenced with 8 teachers and 140 students in 1970 and has swelled to over 1500 students and 44 (including one honorary and one part-time) teaching staffs in the present time with the department upholding its unwavering commitment to first rate teaching quality and teaching staffs.


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