[Formerly called MBA (Evening) Program]

Executive MBA program has been designed in view of the growing demand of the executives for developing necessary knowledge and skills. The program focuses on learning appropriate analytical tools and techniques for effective and efficient decision making in managing organizations in a changing global scenario.

A: Basic Features of the program

Specialty areas: Management, Accounting and Information Systems, Marketing,Finance, Banking and Insurance, Management Information Systems, ServiceManagement andTourism , International Business, and Strategy and Leadership.

1. Semester system: To complete the program in shortest possible time.

2. Unique program : To address needs of individual students to face new economic and global challenges.

3. Minimum Requirement: Bachelor Degree in any discipline with minimum 6 points (First Division/Class =3, Second Division/Class =2, CGPA/GPA 3.00 and above= 3 and CGPA/GPA 2.5-2.99 =2).Applicants securing 3rd class or scoring CGPA/GPA below 2.5 in any examination will not be eligible to apply. Applicants with job experience will be given preference.

Years of schooling and job experience will carry weights.

Availability of Form: Prescribed application forms for admission to Executive MBA Program will be available at from June 20,2022 to July 15, 2022.

Submission Online Payment: Payment of Tk. 2,500/- payable through Mobile Banking (Bkash and Rocket). Check website for details:

Online Admit Card Print: 16 July, 2022 to 21 July, 2022.

Admission Test: July 22, 2022 (Friday) at 10.00 am

For details please contact the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka. Telephone # 58613295
Mobile:+8801850211315,+01825008319,+8801820974731,+8801913654980,+8801916931369 (10 am-05 pm on working days)

A1.Specialty Areas: A student can major in any of the specialty areas offered by the nine departments of the Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka. There are Management, Accounting & Information Systems, Marketing, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Management Information Systems , Service Management and Tourism, International Business, and Strategy and Leadership, However, the number of seats in each specialty area of Management, Accounting & Information Systems, Marketing and Finance is limited to 75, Banking and Insurance, Management Information Systems, and Service Management and Tourism is limited to 50, and Strategy and Leadership is limited to 40. Students will be selected for different departments on the basis of total score.

A2. Credit Hours: A student has to take 21 courses of 63credits and internship and project paper of 3credits for the Executive MBA degree of total 66credits. However, Students with 4-year bachelor/Master degree may get an exemption of maximum 15 credits in relevant courses.

A3. Duration of the Program: It is generally expected that a student with Master degree should be able to complete the Executive MBA program in 24 months. It however, depends on the ability to take academic load of prospective students.

A4. Semester system: There will be two semesters in a year: January-Juneand July-December.

A5. Internship and project Paper: After completing the course work,every graduating student will be required to undergo an internship program for at least three months. Each student will be guided by a teacher to write a project paper on a selected topic, which will be evaluated and graded.

B: Admission Requirements and selection of candidates

B1. Minimum Requirements for Admission: Applicants should have at least a Bachelor degree in any discipline with a minimum of 6 points to qualify for application for admission into the Executive MBA Program. Points will be computed as follows:


Grade Distribution Point
First Division/First Class 3
Second Division/ Second Class 2
CGPA: 3 and above 3
CGPA: 2.50-2.99 2

B2. Evaluation of Candidates: Applicants will be evaluated and selected based on marks in the admission test, years of schooling, professional experience and interview. A total of 100 marks will be assigned as: Admission test 80 marks, years of schooling 5 marks, professional experience a maximum of 10 marks and interview 5 marks. Minimum pass mark in admission test is 40%.

B3. Admission Test: Candidates seeking admission in the program will have to sit for a MCQ test and a written test of 90 minutes. The MCQ Test of 55 minutes and the written test of 35 minutes will be conducted on aptitude, logical reasoning, and situational analysis and on writing ability especially in English language distributed in two sections:

Topics Marks
Skills in English Language & Current Affairs (MCQ) 25
Skills in Logical Reasoning, Critical Analyses & Mathematics (MCQ) 30
Writing ability 25
Total Marks 80

There will be negative marking for every wrong answer (0.20 marks for every wrong answer) and applicants have to achieve minimum qualifying marks in both the exams. The written test will be conducted for assessing the candidates’ comprehending ability.

B5. Weightage for Years of Schooling: In the process of preparing merit list, weight will be given to years of schooling to be determined as follows:

14 year (Bachelor degree) 2 points
15 year (Bachelor degree) 3 points
16 year (Bachelor degree) 4 points
16 year (Master degree) 4 points
16 year (B. Sc Engineering) 5 points
17 year (Master degree) 5 points
17 year (M. Sc Engineering) 5 points

MBBS : 5 points, CA, CMA, MBM, MPhil & other foreign degrees with four year Bachelor or Master degree: 5 points. Applicants having international degree/degrees need to go through equivalence process and Separate application need to be delivered at the office of the Dean, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhakawithin specified date and time.

B6. Weightage for professional Experience: In order to encourage experienced executives for further development of their skills, weight will be given to years of professional experience in executive positions. One point will be assigned for each year of professional experience subject to the maximum of 10 points. However, no point will be awarded for the first 2-year experience. If years of schooling and professional experience occur simultaneously, a candidate will get advantage either in years of schooling or professional experience whichever may go in favour of the candidate. The job experience of a regular student will not be considered at all.

B7. Publication of selection list: Merit list based on years of schooling, professional experience and admission test score will be published within three weeks of holding of the admission test.

B8. Interview and Selection of Students for Admission: Selected number of successful candidates in order of merit, will be called for interview according to a schedule to be announced at the time of publication of admission test result. The interview committee will evaluate them on a scale of 5. Final list of selected students will be prepared and published based on marks obtained in years of schooling, professional experience, admission test and interview. Please keep your eyes on the website for results.

C: Admission and Course Fees

University of Dhaka is the premier university in the country. Being a unit of a public university, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka has designed a very competitive fee structure. The fees are lower than those of standard private universities, and commensurate with the image of the University of Dhaka. Each student will pay semester enrolment fee of Tk.7,500.00, registration fee of Tk.12,000.00(one time) and Tk.5,000.00 for each credit hour.

D: Management of the Program

The Executive Program Committee of each department is vested with the task of managing the program. The Program Coordinator is responsible for overall supervision and management of the program at the department level. The committee decides on all relevant matters of the program in accordance with the rules of the Executive MBA program approved by the University of Dhaka .

E:Former Applicants:

Candidates who applied for admission into the MBA(Evening) Program during 5, February 2020 and 10 March 2020 (the admission test of whichwas kept on hold indefinitely) shall be eligible for admission test of this program. However, they are required to obtain Admit Card afresh. Candidates who choose not to take the admission test shall apply to the office of the Dean, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, for a refund.

The faculty reserves the right to change the terms of this prospectus if found contrary to the rules of Executive MBA program.